Welcome to My Webpage!

I am currently a professor of Mathematics
at Imperial College London
where I teach and do research. 

I help to run:

CDT on Mathematics of Random Systems

Stochastic Analysis Seminars

Our Working Seminar

Link to Events

12-16 September 2022
Geometry, Stochastics, and Dynamics
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8-12 July 2022
Applied Mathematics
vICM overlay conference, Imperial College London
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My research focuses on Probability and Stochastic Analysis. I work with stochastic differential equations, diffusion operators, stochastic dynamical systems, and manifolds. Large time asymptotics and intrinsic geometry of stochastic processes are my favourites. My recent favourite topic is multi-scale stochastic systems and Non-Markovian dynamics with fractional noise.


I am an associate editor of Electronic J. of Probability and Electronic Communications in Probability.

Research Grants

EPSRC EP/V026100/1
EPSRC EP/S023925/1  

Working group at ICL

Postdoc: Pablo Linares ballesteros
Current PhD students: Luca Gerola, Francesco Pedulla, Benedikt Petco, Xiangfeng Ren, Julian Sieber, Yuriy Shulzhenki, and Rhys Steel
Past PhD students --Johann Gehringer (graduated spring 2022)

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